16 K-drama Soundtrack Tunes That Will Make Us Swoon Forever

K-pop is the foundation of the very best K-dramas! If a series has incredible music, the storyline will automatically be enhanced by it. Some of my all-time favorite shows had unforgettable songs that remind me of the magical time the series first aired. Dance, ballads, rap and more make up the list I have compiled for you today.

“Boys Over Flowers,” “Dream High,” “Descendants of the Sun” and “Love Alarm” are just a few of the K-drama soundtracks I’ve included on this fun-loving list to introduce you to the best songs from the past and present. 

Start enjoying the music now! 

“Boys Over Flowers”

“Dream High” 

“Prime Minister and I”

“Who Are You – School 2015” 

“Descendants of the Sun”

“Scarlet Heart: Ryeo”


“Extra-ordinary You”

“Love Alarm”


Listen to all your favorite K-drama tunes on current streaming sites KOCOWA, Rakuten Viki, NetFlix, Tubi and more! 

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