Fantasy Casting: 21st Century “Gidget”

I finally finished the entire “Gidget” movie series this summer, and I wondered why Hollywood hasn’t resurrected the hit films in this century. To get things moving in the right direction, BTSCelebs decided to fantasy cast an all new version.

Check out my picks below:

Frances “Gidget” Lawrence – Zenia Marshall

Following her 2016 debut, Zenia has made quite a name for herself in Hollywood through “One Of Us Is Lying,” “Date My Dad,” Hallmark films and The CW projects. The Canadian actress deserves a leading role! Sandra Dee became iconic after trailblazing the fashionable tomboy character. Who knows what the future holds for Zenia if she is able to put her own spin on Gidget.

Jeffrey “Moondoggie” Matthews – Trevor Jackson

Since 2010, Trevor Jackson has transformed from child star to leading man right in front of our eyes. I remember him best from Disney Channel’s “Let It Shine,” but he wowed many in the TV programs “Eureka,” “American Crime” and now Freeform’s “Grown-ish.” He is the perfect gentleman to take on the celebrity crush role of Moondoggie.

Kahuna – Rhys Matthew Bond

It’s about time the great Kahuna gets a complete makeover! In my version, he is a much younger athlete with unbelievable skills and wisdom. Rhys Matthew Bond has movies, and great TV shows “Tie That Bind,” “Heartland” and  Hallmark’s “Good Witch.”  He is already a fan favorite in family-friendly entertainment, so it’s time for him to soar in a powerful surfer role.

Russell Lawrence – Barry Watson

I was a huge fan of Barry Watson’s classic series “7th Heaven.” When he returned to family-friendly television in “Date My Dad,” I was the show’s number one cheerleader! I would love to see him reunited with Zenia Marshall as daddy and daughter.

Barry’s acting credits include: “Days Of Our Lives,” “Sister Sister,” “Gossip Girl,” “Hart of Dixie” and “Naomi.” The veteran actor is no stranger to any genre, and he is besties with romance and female-lead TV shows.

Betty “B. L.” Louise – Koryn Hawthorne

I missed B. L. so much in the other “Gidget” sequels.  A host of other girlfriends surrounded Gidget and Larue appeared in the 1965 series; but they aren’t B. L. She was her main confidant and supporter in the 1950s movie. No matter the century, I imagine her to be a strong individual who is the best friend a girl could ask for. Koryn Hawthorne is a beloved Gospel singer, business owner and rookie actress. According to the young star’s Instagram, she recently landed the role in Universal Pictures’ “Praise This.”

I hope Hollywood considers these talents if they start remaking Gidget for this century!


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