UPtv Series Review: First Impressions of “Date My Dad”

Actor Barry Watson made a wise decision when he picked UP tv’s “Date My Date”as his next project. The former 7th Heaven star takes on the father role effortlessly as he portrays a single parent in desperate need of dating advice. His character, Ricky Cooper, just turned 40 years old, and he solely relies on his mother-in-law (actressΒ Raquel Welch) to help him raise his 3 daughters (Mirabel, Elisa and Gigi). Their mother passed away suddenly a few years ago, and dad’s social life froze in place. Ricky’s daughters, his dating savvy mother-in-law and his co-workers team up to make his life more colorful in the first 2 episodes.

I love the laid-back, family friendly air this series gives off. The acting is appropriate, the jokes are trendy yet cute and the neighborhood they reside in is gorgeous! If you have UP tv, I highly recommend you give this one a chance! The only con is the appearance of his late wife in episode one, but she gives him his space in the second episode.

UP tv’s “Date My Date” premieres June 2nd at 9PM EST.

*BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to UP tv for the screeners and image*

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1 Response to UPtv Series Review: First Impressions of “Date My Dad”

  1. Nancy Pingle says:

    I love this show. ❀ It has a realistic approach to family life. I can’t Wait for Season #2

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