Kpop Stars Join The New Season Of “Kpoppin”

Arirang Radio’s “Kpoppin” changed their line-up once again, and their time! The radio program, which now airs at 1PM [KST], features a variety of guest stars throughout the week. Listeners can tune in and enjoy new guests’ perspectives, while two Kpop stars are co-host fixtures on Tuesdays and Fridays.

ChoColat’s Tia Hwang Cuevas and BTL’s Jay (aka Joel Jay Lane) are co-hosting “Music Therapy” and “GASA LOVE” respectively. Tia mends hearts with special songs for the listeners, and Joel expresses the deeper meaning of Kpop songs.

Check out their latest “Kpoppin” social media snapshots below:

Enjoy this season of “Kpoppin!”

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