Movie Review: Cameron Arnett and Chris Nelson’s “FIRST RESPONDERS”

This week, “FIRST RESPONDERS” made its grand entrance in movie theaters across the country. The special event may be over, but BTSCelebs’ review is just beginning. Before it premieres on Pure Flix, I’ll let you know the highlights.

“FIRST RESPONDERS” illustrates a few shocking stories firefighters and police officers live through and dealing with the PTSD aftermath. Counselor Karen (Karen Boles) helps her patients work through their trauma, while her husband, firefighter Mark (Chris Nelson), is tormented by a heartbreaking loss on the job. Karen’s close friend, police officer Nia (Mari White), gets tragically injured during a routine traffic stop and her family has to pick up the pieces. Darnell (Cameron Arnett) is Nia’s devoted husband and loving father to their two children.

The characters’ PTSD is shown in a variety of ways, but the point of the film is their road to restoration. Prayer, counseling and more are some of the avenues many of them discover to hopefully obtain inner peace. The film ends with real life first responders sharing their personal stories. Their encounters are eye-opening.

“FIRST RESPONDERS” is a tearjerker, and it will take you on an emotional roller coaster. However, it humanizes the everyday heroes in our lives and allows viewers to feel a little more compassion for them.

A Special Thanks to Biscuit Media Group and Engage Media Partners for the image and film screener.

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