BTSCelebs uncovers giveaways!

We haven’t had an exclusive BTSCelebs giveaway yet. However, I can recommend one reputable contest….its via @KoreanTravel!

I  have won my share of dramas, posters,etc…We all know some companies are legit,while others are shady. I can honestly say The Korean Tourism Organization site is 100% legit and they giveaway quality prizes!

After you win, they ship your gift to you immediately (in a matter of days). The longest you have to wait after your package has been shipped is 2-3days.

How do I know?

I won twice and I have the pictures to prove it!  I won the Haru CD and 2 keychains/stationary box

A Big Thank You Again to @KoreanTravel!!!!

Visit their twitter and uncover [win] your prizes too!

For more about my previous KT promo click here

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