Chicago Bear Kyle Adams: “We Want to Win The Superbowl.”

Go Bears!

Following the Chicago Bears win against the Redskins in the Pre-Season game today, here is the conclusion to my interview with Kyle Adams.

BTSCelebs: What are your hopes for this season?

Kyle Adams: As a player or a team? As a player to make the team and to contribute and as a team we want to win the Superbowl.

Who are your biggest fans?

Well.. probably my parents. For like as a team… people from Chicago love the Bears…great fans.

When you’re training for the season, what music do you usually listen to? Do you have a go-to song? (question courtesy of BTSCeleber Sara)

I like “Strong Tower” by Kutless… I usually listen to Christian music. Kind of keep me relaxed and ready to go.

Click here to view his official online profile to learn more about Kyle .

View Part One of my interview with Kyle by clicking here.

A Special Thanks to Kyle Adams and Mike Corbo for the interview

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