Adam Cappa is Coming to BTSCelebs

The artist behind “The Rescue” peeks in on BTSCelebs!

Recently, Contemporary Christian Music recording artist Adam Cappa did an exclusive interview for me. The newest deep soothing vocals from BEC Recordings answered the following questions:

Who inspired you to become a recording artist? 
Did you always want to sing?
Famed CCM artist Jeremy Camp discovered you, describe how you were discovered and what was it like working on an album with him?
Do you think Christian music is making a positive impact on today’s youth?
Former CCM artists Joy Williams (Civil Wars) and Katy Hudson (Katy Perry) have successfully crossed over into the mainstream market, do you desire to break into mainstream music as well?
Tune into BTSCelebs next week for the interview article with Adam Cappa!
While you wait for his responses, please enjoy Adam’s title track from his debut album “The Rescue” below:

*Image Courtesy of Steve Harpine and Adam Cappa*

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