Chicago Bears: The Reality of a Football Game


The Bears have talent and the Chicago fans need to support them all the way!

Imagine you are a secretary in an office. In this particular office setting, you have no heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer. Rain and snow fall on your head and you aren’t allowed to wear a coat when its cold 100% of the time. A large group of people continuously scream at you while random people hit you over the head, shoulder, stomach and anywhere else, they knock you out of your chair and you are expected to do your job perfectly under these circumstances. While working through the pain and effects of concussions, you complete your job to the best of your ability and how are you rewarded? Your reward are insults and boos!

How would you feel?

The Chicago Bears have had circumstances similar to these and they need everyone’s support! Fans love their favorite celebrities no matter what. If your favorite singer or movie star had to endure these conditions and try to perform for you… how would you treat them? Cheerleaders do their cheers wholeheartedly for their teams win or lose. The Chicago Bears need their cheerfans behind them as they fight to make the Windy City proud.

Bears safety Chris Conte tweeted it best: “We have two must win games left. We need all the support we can get. if u aren’t with us then you are against us. Real bear fans#beardown”

Go Bears!


All rights to the team mascot image and quote belong to the Chicago Bears and Chris Conte.

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