Golden Globes: Beyond The Ceremony

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais

The Oscars are right around the corner….all the celebs have to do is travel around the “globe”!

70th annual Golden Globe Awards airs tonight on NBC at 8PM[EST] and pre-show starts at 7PM, but before you start rooting for the best movies and TV shows of 2012… know where your behind-the-scenes goodies are!

The award show’s official Twitter account shared the following info on their Instagram:

“Want a backstage pass to the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles? The show officially kicks off at 8PM ET (5PM PT) tonight, but preparations are already underway. Be sure to follow @beverlyhilton for photos from the red carpet, Modern Family star @sofiavergara for live updates, and the official @goldenglobes account for behind-the-scenes moments from the show….”

Click Here to access Instagram Page to learn more

If you want to wear the jewels of the stars. view the fashionable preview video below:

Who are some of the nominees this year?

“Argo”, “Django Unchained”, “Life of Pi”, “Lincoln” and  “Zero Dark Thirty” are all nominated for best motion pictures and best screenplay. “Brave” is up against fellow Disney and other favs for best animated feature film. PBS period hit “Downton Abbey”, box office tearjerker  “Les Miserables”, Les Mis actress Anne Hathaway,  and Hollywood legend /”Hope Springs” star Meryl Streep all have nominations in respected categories of their own.

Click Here to follow the show and keep track of all the Golden Globes’ winners.

All rights to the image, video and  quote belongs to The Golden Globe Awards.

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