The Civil Wars’ Joy Williams: “I Couldn’t Think of a More Wonderful Person to Lose to.. Adele.”

Civil Wars

Civil Wars

Joy Williams Tweets: “Thanks for all the Golden Globe nomination wishes tonight. I couldn’t think of a more wonderful person to lose to. Love that lady, Adele.”

Joy and her fellow Civil Wars partner in music John Paul White had their song “Safe & Sound” ( from “The Hunger Games” soundtrack) nominated for a Golden Globe. “Safe & Sound” was up for Best Original Song – Motion Picture and featured their lyrics, country music sweetheart Taylor Swift and T Bone Burnett. However, the popular British songstress of 2011-2012 took home the prize.

Joy Williams couldn’t have been more gracious and congratulatory to her competitor. She tweeted the message above hours after Adele received her globe.

All Rights to the image and quote belongs to The Civil Wars.

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