Soy, Soshified Founder, Talks to BTSCelebs


She’s here!

Soy, the founder of Girls Generation’s largest fan community/website, is talking about “I Got A Boy” and so much more.

Following the release of the girls’  hit single and project, BTSCelebs had the opportunity to interview the lady behind the K-pop fandom Soshified.

Soy responded to the following questions:

How did you start Soshified?
When did the opportunity to work with SM Entertainment and hold fan-meetings with Girls Generation arise?
What do you think GG’s new hit “I Got A Boy”? 
Will Soshified have any “I Got A Boy” club activities (dance covers, giveaways, etc) this year?
The “Bring SMTown to Chicago” group is very passionate about bringing the popular concert series to the Windy City, do you think the SMFamily or GG are interested in holding a family or solo concert here in the near future?
Check back tomorrow for all the GG fun!
*A Special Thanks to Soy and John for the interview*
All rights to the image belongs to SM Entertainment.
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