Gangnam Style Moment: Get 1 Billion Views Your Way


Get Your Style!

Are you jealous of Psy? Have you ever wondered how you can get 1 billion views or even 1 million views on your YouTube channel or blog?

Well, fret no longer… BTSCelebs has discovered the key to Psy’s success!

The answer lies in who Psy truly is. The South Korean K-Pop recording artist is no teenager nor was he on anyone’s world album charts. I believe the key to his success is simple, he used what he had to get YOUR attention. Psy has talents and he used creativity to bring it to the masses.

What differentiates “Gangnam Style” from all of the millions of other videos out there?


Psy’s creativity! There is music, rapping, an intriguing dance and plenty of comedy! The music man is ALWAYS himself no matter where he goes. The music industry usually values sex appeal, beauty and conformity. However, after a certain amount of time ALL of that becomes boring!

Psy used his own individual talents, made a song/video he loved and shared it with the world! He is attractive and his music is catchy all at the same time!

What is my point? If you want to achieve 1 billion views, be yourself! Whatever defines you and what you love is ALL that matters! It’s impossible to be Psy to get the views, but the best you CAN! Global promotion doesn’t hurt either.

I love entertainment! Shows likeEntertainment Tonight” and Access Hollywood have attracted me for I don’t know how long, but I can’t be them to get their views. I will always report on my favorites in entertainment right here on BTSCelebs, however, I can’t follow their strict regime of news. Why? It’s not me. BTSCelebs’ true purpose will always be unknown because besides my pledge to give you Behind-The-Scenes info… the range of topics will be based on my creativity.

I encourage you to get 1 billion views YOUR WAY!

All rights to the images belong to Psy [@psy_oppa].

About BTSCelebs

Hi, my name is Kristy. I'm a longtime freelance editor/writer and self-published author. Thank you for stopping by my blog. :)
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