NEED YOU NOW: Plumb Interview – Part 2


BTSCelebs: Please describe the songwriting and recording process:

Plumb: How long do you have? It’s a living, breathing thing thing that has no rule or formula for me. It can start on piano or with a loop or on guitar or raw emotion. Sometimes rhythm is 1st… other times its lyrics or concepts.. or a melody I can’t get out of my head. Recording happens all at the same time with the writing. More often  than not the scratch demo we make along the way during the writing ends up the main foundation for its recording… I don’t ‘demo’ my songs much… I write them and work on them til they sound like the recording they need to be. However in writing for other artists, I do in face demo them… and have a team I trust to help me with that.

What is the difference between movie soundtrack recording and putting together a regular album?

Usually on a movie soundtrack you have either given license/permission for your song that’s been in the film to be on the soundtrack or you write an original for it but the recording process is no different than if it were a total Plumb album. It’s just the one song (or more if you have more than one cut in the film.)

Let’s say an average writer has written lyrics to a beautiful song that they would love for an artist to put on their album, how could they submit their material to particular artists for consideration?

Sadly, it just doesn’t work that way for me. I don’t accept material that way. Still… a writer can seek out publishers and create a relationship… that’s really the only way it will get read or listened to… you have to do something that makes your art different than everyone else’s demo or piece of paper on a publisher’s desk. You have to make a personal connection or develop a relationship  with him/her or the artist. Its not impossible… however for me… I would never read material just popped in the mail or handed to me in person from a more or less stranger. Its just not how it works in my world. Seek out artists who don’t write their own material unless you have arranged to connect with that artist personally in some way… but leave your mind open to having crazy stuff happen… Its not impossible for the right hands to get it… just my 2 cents.

BTSCelebs will review her entire “NEED YOU NOW” album …. so stay tuned for complete Plumb comeback details!

*A Special Thanks to Plumb and Lori Lenz–Heiselman for the interview and photo.*

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