NEED YOU NOW: Plumb Talks to BTSCelebs


Plumb returns to the music scene!

Beloved recording artist Plumb (real name Tiffany Arbuckle Lee) is ready to release her new album “NEED YOU NOW” on February 26th, 2013. This will be her first solo album in five years!

The talented rock star, who has brought inspirational music to the masses since 1997, spoke to BTSCelebs about her life in the music industry. She touches on everything from her name origin, the truth behind going mainstream and how she had the opportunity to work with top acts in the business.

BTSCelebs: Why did you choose the name Plumb as your stage name?

Plumb: Because of the Suzanne Vega song “My Favorite Plum” off her record titled “9 Objects of Desire”. She’s been a songwriting influence on me since I started writing. I love how she is poetic and vulnerable, metaphorical and still pointed when necessary.

This year marks your 15 year anniversary in the music anniversary, is there any memory in the Contemporary Christian Music or mainstream that is your favorite?

That’s a very hard question… I would probably say my 1st real tour in 1997/1998 with Jars of Clay. It had so many great unforgettable moments and I learned so much and made relationships that are still some of my very best that I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to top it from a touring perspective. It was sensational.

What made you crossover to mainstream music?

I didn’t. I just made music and its found its way to ears that needed to hear it I suppose… and I just try to be faithful and ride the wave of that. I’m thankful and I love a diverse audience. I don’t write music for Christians. I’m a Christian who writes music that I hope inspires, encourages and brings hope to every listener.

You have written songs for Mandy Moore, Michelle Branch, Kimberley Locke and many others, what opportunities arose for you to be able to contribute to their musical projects?

The industry is best lived in relationships, connections, friendships, respect for each other. When opportunities arise… I just try to cease the day, so I live in freedom yet while keeping an ear to the ground.

**Later in the week, Plumb answers the following questions for part 2 of BTSCelebs exclusive interview:**

Describe the songwriting and recording process:

What is the difference between movie soundtrack recording and putting together a regular album?

Let’s say a average writer has written lyrics to a beautiful song that they would love for an artist to put on their album, how could they submit their material to particular artists for consideration?

Also, BTSCelebs will review her entire “NEED YOU NOW” album …. so stay tuned for complete Plumb comeback details!

*A Special Thanks to Plumb and Lori Lenz–Heiselman for the interview and photo.*

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