SHINee Forums International’s JoAnn Interview with BTSCelebs – Part 1


ShaWols unite!

As you know, I’m a big SHINee. The five member boy group has had my heart since 2009. I love their Boys Over Flowers soundtrack single “Stand By Be” and their debut song “Replay”.

BTSCelebs had the opportunity to speak with an admin from one of their largest online fan clubs, SHINee Forums International.

JoAnn talks about the global ShaWols forum and her experience being a fan of SHINee.

BTSCelebs: Give us the backstory… Why was created?


I wasn’t around back in 2008, but our mission that’s lasted throughout the years has always been to support SHINee as much as possible, provide a universal place for fans to come together, and introduce new fans to SHINee by making information more easily accessible.

Are you affiliated with SM Entertainment?

No, but we aspire to be in the future.

Describe the yearly offline activities takes part in? Has SHINee joined in on the activities?

Whenever SHINee appears at a concert in the US, we do our best to make sure SHINee is able to feel the support of international fans. We often distribute cheer packs along with various types of support merchandise. We also take part in fan conventions like KPOPCON and KCON to spread the love of SHINee further.

Have you ever seen SHINee perform live?


Yes, quite a lot actually! I’ve seen them at most of their US performances, their first Japan Arena Tour, and I’ll be attending their second Japan Arena Tour this coming summer.

Do you want to see more photos of SHINee? Click Here to see images from their recent Google Hangout promoting YouTube’s A-Pop Channel launch.

JoAnn will respond to the following questions in part 2 of our interview:

Did you meet the band?

What is your favorite SHINee song of all time? Why?

As you know, I’m ShaWol from Chicago,IL, do you think they will hold a concert in Chicago anytime in the near future?

Which recording artist do you think SHINee should collaborate with?

**BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to JoAnn and SHINee Forums International for the interview.** All rights to the images belong to the SHINee Forums International, SM Entertainment, Google and SHINee.

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