A Drink With Talks to BTSCelebs – Part 1


Do you love learning more about celebrities? How about wanting to get a drink with your favorite local star?

Well, “A Drink With Chicago” does just that. Hillary and Kelly meet with celebrities in the Chicago area and discover the BTS of their career and life in the city. They have interviewed numerous celebs including: Bill and Giuliana Rancic, Bears’ Robbie Gould, Kerry and Sarah Wood and Windy City Live hosts Ryan Chiaverini and Billy Dec.

They had a virtual drink with BTSCelebs to talk a little more about their backstory and brand.

BTSCelebs: What made you decide to launch “A Drink With Chicago”?

A Drink With Chicago: We both studied broadcast journalism in college. We moved from Detroit to Chicago and took sales jobs in the city just to support ourselves while looking for our dream jobs. We fell in love with Chicago and decided we didn’t want to leave to report and produce in a small town so we started the website as a hobby to keep us in the journalism world. One thing led to another and we quickly realized we’d be able to turn our passion into a business and reputable and trusted online publication.

What is your favorite drink to have while interviewing celebrities?

Lately our drink of choice has been a Moscow Mule but we like to drink whatever the person we are interviewing is drinking!

Have you ever met a celebrity that didn’t drink? How did you deal with it?

Many people we interview don’t drink. We like to have coffee, tea and smoothies with people too!

Who is your favorite interviewee so far?

That’s always a tough question! We always tend to say the most recent person we’ve interviewed, so today it would be Taj Gibson from the Bulls but Jamie Masada, the founder of the Laugh Factory, was awesome and is on top of our list! His story is so inspirational! And he is someone we went in knowing little about. We had a great time with Jeremy Piven and Jenny McCarthy so we’ll always remember that.

BTSCelebs has interviewed athletes Rex Flodstrom and Kyle Adams and I really enjoyed reading your Robbie Gould feature, What is your dream athlete interview?

Another tough question! It’s almost too hard to pick. Do we go with a legend or up-and-coming athlete? Michael Jordan would be at the top of our list. And as Detroiters, Steve Yzerman from the Red Wings would be pretty cool too.

The ladies will respond to the following questions in part 2 of our interview:

Do you have any plans to interview in other cities in the USA?

Name one talk show (past or current) you would love “A Drink With Chicago” to be apart of:

What should your readers expect to see in the future?

**BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to A Drink With Chicago for the interview.** All rights to the image belongs to A Drink With Chicago.

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