SHINee Forums International’s JoAnn: “SHINee Performs Where There is Demand”


BTSCelebs: Did you meet the band?

JoAnn: Yes, a few times.

What is your favorite SHINee song of all time? Why?

Definitely A-Yo. I’ve called it my favorite song for just about the whole time I’ve followed SHINee, and it’s been a source of strength for me whenever I’ve had troubles in the past.

As you know, I’m ShaWol from Chicago,IL, do you think they will hold a concert in Chicago anytime in the near future?

They’ll perform wherever there is demand. If Chicago is able to showcase the demand needed for a concert to happen there, I don’t see why not!

Which recording artist do you think SHINee should collaborate with?

Wow, I’ve never actually thought about this before! If I was being selfish I’d say AKB48, just because I’ve been into AKB a lot lately. Plus it’d do wonders to spread SHINee’s name in Japan! But on a wider perspective, maybe David Guetta? His style of music would mesh with SHINee’s more, and Key’s always expressed interest in his music.

For more information about the SHINee Forums International visit their website:

**BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to JoAnn and SHINee Forums International for the interview.** All rights to the images belong to the SM Entertainment and SHINee.

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