A Drink With : “Our Goal Is to Make ‘A Drink With’ a National Brand”


BTSCelebs: Do you have any plans to interview in other cities in the USA?

A Drink With Chicago: Yes! Our goal is to make ‘A Drink With’ a national brand.

Name one talk show (past or current) you would love “A Drink With Chicago” to be apart of:

I’m not sure if we’d want A Drink With Chicago to be part of a talk show. Perhaps one day we’ll be able to do something on our own, giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the life of your favorite celebrities, athletes and influencers. We’re huge Oprah, Today Show, Ellen and Chelsea Handler fans tho!

What should your readers expect to see in the future?

In the next month our website will be redesigned and we will be doing video! We’re really excited for the videos. They will have the same fly on the wall feel and we hope it makes the viewers feel as if they were having a drink with the person themselves. Readers can expect to continue to feel like they are getting to know the people that are in their city and visiting their city. We are continuing to publish pieces that our readers can learn something from and get inspired by in addition to being entertained! Readers can expect our content and photography to be like nothing else out there!

Learn more about the ladies behind the brand and enjoy their Chi-town interviews thru their official website:


**BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to A Drink With Chicago for the interview.** All rights to the image belongs to A Drink With Chicago.

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