Brittney Hargest Dances in “I Believe In You” Music Video

Am I the only one who misses the Jump 5 acrobats?

Brittany Hargest is entertaining in her latest MV for “I Believe In You”. She nails simple dance steps and her choreography reminds me of SHINee’s Dream Girl.

I love the song and the album, but I still miss her intense dancing and gymnastics with Jump 5. The new Britney is great… it just takes a little getting use to.


Brittany via Facebook today: “Hope you guys are enjoying the video! We worked really hard on it this past month, choreographing it and getting it together! I couldn’t have done it without my sweet dancers and my friend Phil Earnest who directed it!”

All rights to the video, quote and image belongs to Brittney Hargest and SoulStride Records.

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