Album Review: Mandisa’s “Overcomer”


It’s party time!

The 2013 end of summer bash has arrived in Mandisa’s “Overcomer”. It is impossible to summarize this pure musical delight. The eleven tracks all have their own charm, but there are some stand out tunes.

Check out BTSCelebs’ favorites below:

Back To You – This is a song about expounding on a Christian’s gratitude for God’s grace and love. He has given so much for us that you want to give back to Him. I can’t stop listening to this poppy and cheerful song.

At All Times – The ultimate oldie but goodie CCM track. This reminds me so much of Anointed‘s music in the early 2000s. The lyrics about praising the Almighty God all the time are new, but the music will take you back to time when music brought a smile to your face.

Joy Unspeakable – Go clubbing for God! This dance song literally sounds like it should be on every DJ’s list. He gives Christians so much joy that it is unfathomable.

The entire album supplies at least one memorable Bible passage and dedication per song. The Holy Trinity, Mandisa’s fans on Twitter and Facebook, celebs like Giuliana Rancic and Robin Roberts all have a song dedicated to them. You have to read the lyrics booklet to discover which song is for whom.

BTSCelebs gives “Overcomer” a 9 out of 10. The only reason I didn’t give it a 10 is…. because her beautiful love song to her future husband didn’t fit into the worship line-up. It would have been better to release it as a single.

Nonetheless, enjoy your Labor day weekend with some free “Overcomer” tracks via YouTube!


What Scars Are For

Face to Face  –

Dear John

*A Special Thanks to The M Collective and Mandisa for the complimentary copy of the “Overcomer” CD*

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