BTSCelebs Review of Natalie Grant’s “Hurricane” Album


Closer To Your Heart – This single describes a state of brokenness that propels you to cry out to God.  Natalie sings about her desire to be closer to Him.  The upbeat pop rock song is 100% dance worthy.

Natalie Grant: “It’s fun, happy & fresh…. I love the track, but this lyric describes the cry of my heart over the past couple of years.”

Hurricane – BTSCelebers have been hearing Hurricane for weeks now. It’s about God rescuing you from the trials in life. No matter the size of your problem, He can find you in the mist of the storm.

Listen to the mellow track for yourself:

For All Of Us – This worship song is all about giving glory to Jesus Christ for dying on the cross for Christian’s sins. Natalie sings about being in awe of the magnificent grace of God for sending his Son For All Of Us. If you love contemporary christian worship songs, you will fall in love with this track. The slow ballad turns into a choir of singing angels.

Whisper -You can miss God’s message if you are waiting for a big sign….. sometimes it comes in a whisper. Natalie sings about getting ahead of God and looking for the answers we want to hear instead of being still and listening to God. The mid-tempo tune is the perfect morning wake-up song.

Burn Bright – Everyone is meant to shine. This song talks about slowing losing someone to their drug addiction. It reminds that person they were meant for more. They can still be a light in a dark place if they turn to Christ. The powerful ballad is filled with Natalie’s strong vocals.

Natalie: “Almost 2 years ago, I found out my precious nephew was addicted to heroine… I wrote a letter to my nephew and put a melody to it. The song is called Burn Bright… My nephew is in recovery & doing better, but it’s a long road ahead. No matter what you’re story is, I pray this song reminds us all – that we were made to SHINE.” 

This Is LoveRock out with the love of God! This Is Love tells Christians how to show true love to world. God freely gave his Son for us, so we should freely love others through our actions. This is a lite rock tune.

Born To Be (with Gary LeVox) – Natalie and Gary ask God to help them follow the path that they were meant to follow. They describe someone longing to have the Christian life designed for them. The song sounds like a simple country track.

Dead Alive –Who should you be obsessed with? God. Natalie points out the fact in this fast paced pop single. She is in awe of God and feels energized thru Him.

When I Leave The Room – Natalie: “Listening to mix for a song on my new record for my daughters called When I Leave The Room.”

This sweet song sounds like a lullaby to her little girls. It describes leaving her children in God’s hands. When I Leave The Room is her personal letter to her children. She talks about the stages of life they will encounter.

In The End – Natalie introduces her bluegrass banjo song! It is a song about the ultimate relief of Heaven. Life may be tough with numerous obstacles, but Heaven will make everything clear in the end.

“Hurricane” will be available online and in stores on October 15th!

*A Special Thanks to Michelle Wright, Rogers and Cowan and Natalie Grant for the digital copy of the “Hurricane” CD 

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