BTSCelebs’ Theatre Review: “Once”


Watching “Once” was enough for me!

The award winning musical “Once” landed in Chicago’s Oriental Theatre on October 9th. Unfortunately, the play that sounds delightful on paper is no where near family friendly.

When Guy (Stuart Ward) starts his journey toward a singing career, there is consistent use of the curse word F***. The main characters freely flaunt it in addition to a few other choice curse words.

When the numbers ended, you had to hold your breath until the profanity started again, sexual innuendos and the use of God’s name in vain. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to tolerate act 2.  The first act was all about persuading Guy to embark on a career in music in Dublin, Ireland.  At the end of the first act, he won over the entire critical open mic crowd.

On the flipside, the acting, singing and dancing was well rehearsed and the cast proved they had talent. I just wish they had chosen a different play to showcase their skills.

BTSCelebs recommends “Once” for adults only! I was shocked child actress Kolette Tetlow was apart of the cast as Girl’s (Dani De Waal) daughter.

“Once” runs thru October 27th at the Oriental Theatre.


BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to  Margie Korshak Inc and Broadway in Chicago for the images and letting BTSCelebs review the production.

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