Got7’s “I Like You”: K-Pop’s Male Version of Jump5?

Jump for Got 7!

The rookie K-Pop group Got 7 is bringing sleek dance moves and gymnastics to the stage. They have assured music lovers its martial arts rather than gymnastics, but anyone who grew up in early 2000s has a memory of pop group Jump5. The teen band was originally a CCM group that crossed into the mainstream market via Disney. Jump5’s addictive choreography was filled with gymnastics that many singers of that day envied.

Yesterday, the large boy band shared a dance video for their latest sweet single “I Like You”. Even though Got 7’s routine is very subdued, I can’t help but think of the group from yesteryear that introduced flips in young mainstream music.

Check out Got7’s latest video above.

All rights to the video belongs to JYP Entertainment.

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