Movie Review: “The Song”


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Review –

“The Song” will leave you speechless.

Samuel Goldwyn Films and City On A Hill Studios outdid themselves with this real take on true life behind-the-scenes of the entertainment industry. I loved “Grace Unplugged”, but this inspirational film touched on the areas that Grace shied away from, namely drugs and sex. “The Song” is raw and truly genuine throughout each emotional scene.

Anthem Lights’ Alan Powell became recording artist Jed King. His moving performance of a good husband pulled into Satan’s trap of adultery and addiction was heartbreaking. Rose (played by actress Ali Faulkner), on the other hand, is the picture perfect wife you can’t help but side with. Actress Caitlin Nicol-Thomas portrayed clever seductress Shelby 100%.

Singles and couples need to see this film. It shows what lies, drugs and adultery can do to any happy marriage. “The Song” encourages that faith in God and sobriety are the main elements that can propel relationships in the right directions.


BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Icon Media Group, Samuel Goldwyn Film, City On A Hill Studios and Lori Lenz-Heiselman for the opportunity to view “The Song” screener.

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