Book Review: Plumb’s “Need You Now: A Story of Hope”

Credit: @plumbmusic

Credit: @plumbmusic

Plumb’s life story is comical, heartbreaking, uncomfortable and relatable all rolled up in one neat package.

Tiffany Lee (Plumb‘s real name) held nothing back in her up-front and honest take on experiences that happened in her career and personal life and how they made her feel. Readers are taken on a journey from her humble beginnings singing anywhere and everywhere during her adolescence, to being a back-up singer and landing a record deal with Essential records in her early twenties. We arrive all the way to her career resurrection and the toil new motherhood took on her marriage.

To be completely honest, I was scared of Plumb as a teen. Her dark, Gothic stage attire made me shy away from her in the early 2000s, but reading her book helped me discover her as a person. You discover her humanity and true mission to the world.

*A Special Thanks to Biscuit Media Group and Plumb for the “Need You Now: A Story Of Hope” digital version*

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