Movie Review: “Naughty & Nice”



UP tv put the right combination together when they created “Naughty & Nice”. Haylie Duff and Tilky Jones ooze chemistry in this candy sweet holiday film.

Popular L.A. radio DJ Pepper (Jones) and small market DJ Sandy aka Samantha (Duff) are forced to host a radio show together in the quaint Colorado town of Idyllwild. During their first meeting, they immediately clash, but you can tell Pepper is instantly attracted to Samantha.


The deviant DJ Pepper becomes influenced by Samantha’s kindness on air and eventually changes for the better… just in time for Christmas!

Samantha’s widowed mom, played by Maureen McCormick, is still nursing her own broken heart when she notices her daughter’s budding romance.

Actor Terrence “T.C.” Carson also stars in this lovable movie that will soon become a Christmas classic.


Naughty & Nice is clever, comical and a little naughty. It’s definitely worth the watch.


*A Special Thanks to UP tv’s PR for a screener of Naughty & Nice*

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