BTSCelebs’ Opinion: Adrienne Bailon Admits Fear of Rejection; Tamera Mowry Returns TCG Advice to Cheetah Girl


First of all, I was huge fan of the The Cheetah Girls. I never cared for 3LW, but I was so upset when TCG didn’t get a fourth movie. Since then, I have followed their careers somewhat.

Unfortunately, member Adrienne Bailon has halted her own music passion out of fear. Like the Holy Bible says, “Fear has torment”. On a recent episode of “The Real”, the “I’m in Love With A Church Girl” actress expressed her fear of failing if she released a solo album, and her displeasure of her singing voice.

When fellow co-host Tamera Mowry mentioned Adrienne’s personal advice of not living with a “What If”, I was immediately reminded of Adrienne’s solo in TCG: One World. The song was called “What If”. It was all about not living life with regrets and taking opportunities placed in front of you. Tamera’s message was almost identical to Adrienne’s song in the movie.

Despite the movie resemblance, I agree. Adrienne should not fear anything. If she believes in God, has a supportive fanbase and listens to her former TCG song… she has nothing to fear.

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