Book Review: Jessica Dotta’s “Price of Privilege”


The conclusion to Jessica Dotta‘s dark and mysterious Price of Privilege series is a roller-coaster ride with a heart-wrenching ending.

To make a long story short, Julia Auburn begins the book as a happy newlywed. Her brand new marriage with her husband hits a few bumps along the road , however, that forces them to return to London and reside with her rich father. As soon as her husband, Rev. Auburn, accepts a job in Africa aiding her father chaos ensues. Before they can start their new life abroad, her first criminal husband, Mr. Macy, arrests Rev Auburn and Julia is faced with a huge bigamy trial.

I’m torn with the ending. Justice does prevail, but it comes at a high cost. Two prominent characters die in the book due to poisoning. I feel Author Dotta could have chosen a much happier ending for our broken heroine Julia. There was no reason to kill off a character so near and dear to her heart. The final pages ruined the entire tale for me.

Nonetheless, if you love dark mysteries and tear-jerkers, this book is for you.

*A Special Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for an advance reader copy of the book*

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