Music Review: Britt Nicole’s “The Remixes”


I love Britt’s first remix album!

I’m so happy recording artist Britt Nicole is returning the CCM industry to the early 2000s pop sounds I absolutely adored. Rock music has never been my thing and when CCM music went there in the mid-2000s, I disconnected for several years. Although, I remember Britt debuted with hot single “Indestructible” in 2006, and I thought that one song was fabulous!

Her new release “The Remixes” blends perfect pop and R&B music together to produce one of the best albums of 2015. Fans of Britt are already well acquainted with the positive message in each song, but the revamped music will definitely blow you away. I dare you to find a bad track on “The Remixes”.

My all time favorites from this album are “Ready Or Not” (Phenomenon Remix By Soul Glow Activatur), “Like A Star” (MyKidBrother Remix) and “Gold” (Lard Remix).

Britt Nicole and Mandisa are doing it right! Take note, CCM.

* A Special Thanks to The Media Collective for complimentary digital version of “The Remixes”*

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