[Interview] Levi Mitchell: I Want to Make Purity Cool Again


Levi Mitchell is simply amazing.

Levi has been singing since he was 3 years-old and writing songs at age 5.  He started acting, wrote an opera and released his self composed debut album  “Life, As We Know It” by age 13.  The former member of  The Boy Band Project is now 17 years-old and one half of the singing duo Outcast Republic.

BTSCelebs virtually caught up with this talented young man with a positive message. Check out our interview about his career, faith and mission “to make purity cool again”.

BTSCelebs: Who is Levi Mitchell?

Levi Mitchell: My name is Levi Gregory Mitchell, I am 17 years old, favorite color is green, I love Jesus Christ with all my heart and Love to sing, dance, play instruments, write and pretty much anything God has called me to do!

What inspired you to pursue a music career?

I grew up in a very musical family so I fell in love with music very early. I realized I could make it my career when I officially moved out to California with my beautiful mother, and I really started to everything seriously.

I loved your version of Anthem Lights “Hide Your Love Away”. I think it sounded better than the original. What is your favorite song of all time?

Thank you so much! I absolutely love that song. My favorite song of all time? Wow that’s a hard one. It would probably be something from Stevie Wonder (Signed, sealed, delivered) or ‘My Girl’ by The Temptations.

If you had the chance to perform a duet and tour with one recording artist… who would it be? Why?

Duet? Tori Kelly. Tour with? Justin timberlake, I would learn s much from just watching and studying him. I have always looked up to his performance skills, the way he portrays himself as an artist, etc.

Let’s talk about your purity pledge (PureTillMarriage). What prompted your decision to choose purity?

In high school, sex was something that made you cool. I never understood that, I always saw it as something that should be shared with your spouse, whether it was because of my beliefs or not. I feel like it is the best gift you can give your spouse on your wedding night. I felt called to open up about my commitment to staying pure. It is a message that hardly spoken of in my generation so why not me, to make purity cool again.

Tell me about one young person who particularly stood out among the people signing the purity pledge. What was the powerful story they shared?

The most powerful story shared wasn’t even about purity. On the website, there is a page for salvation. This girl was a christian, but her parents did not know it, they were Muslim and would not approve of her being christian. When she was on the phone with our salvation line, she was literally hiding under her bed from her parents talking about her salvation. It’s just the fact that Gods love is so powerful and universal that it enforces a young girl to chase after what she knows is right in her heart no matter what her consequences may be. Its that kind of faith that even I strive to have.

Is there a Contemporary Christian Music artist you look up to who devoted their life to purity?

To be honest, no, not really. The Christian artists I listen weren’t in the spotlight of purity as of my knowledge. But, I really love Royal Tailor.

Which do you prefer…dating or courting?

Well, I have only been on one date kinda, and I have courted before. I enjoyed courting more… maybe that’s because the girl was a lot more fun to be around.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2015?

Outcast Republic (the duo I’m in) is currently working on an EP, videos, shows, etc. I am so excited for what is to come. God has really been working in my life! Stay Tuned!


To learn more about Levi, visit his official website LeviMitchell.com.

*A Special Thanks to Levi and Angelia Mitchell for the exclusive images and interview.*

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