Book Review: Dee Henderson’s “Taken”


When I first opened up Dee Henderson’s latest release, I was surprised by how slow moving it was. It seemed like the main characters (Matthew Dane and Shannon Bliss) would never leave the hotel in Atlanta where they met. However, as the story progressed and they headed to Illinois, everything started to flow much better.

The entire inspirational tale is about 27 year-old Shannon recruiting 41 year-old retired cop Matthew to help her transition into society after escaping 11 years of torture with her kidnappers. Matt turns out to be not only a good cop and friend, but promising boyfriend material in the eyes of Shannon. Their love story is subtle, and they mostly focus on the issue of tracking down the bad guys, recovering valuables and reuniting her with her governor-to-be brother and parents.

Once you give it chance, “Taken” is a nice ride to a happy ending. It is filled with delicious food that will make you extremely hungry with each chapter. It’s a good clean mystery story that is safe for the whole family to enjoy. I highly recommend reading the book during or after meantime because it will make you hungry.

*BTSCelebs thanks Bethany House for the complimentary copy of the book.*

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