Album Review: Tina Campbell’s “It’s Personal”


Mrs. Campbell took me to church!

“Tina’s “It’s Personal” is a pure Worship album where you feel like you are literally in the middle of an anointed church service. The Mary Mary member brings her beloved mom, hubby and children along in special features throughout the album… even the legendary Stevie Wonder joins in on the praise!

Bravo to Tina Campbell for an exceptional debut project. Every song has deep spiritual meaning, and it’s very hard to choose the stand out tracks. However, I will say my favorites are Stevie’s duet with “Love Love Love” and her mom’s, aka Honey. feature on “I’m Everything With Ya”. The songs remind listeners of God’s love for Christians and our devotion to Him. He controls everything, and circumstances are designed to work out for our good.

My only complaint  about this amazing collection is that the Grammy Award Winner didn’t sing Jesus Christ’s full name. I would have loved to hear his full Holy name in the powerful songs.

*BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Plan A Media for the complimentary copy of “It’s Personal”.*

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