Quick 2014 Movie Reviews: “My Mother’s Future Husband” and “Love Finds You in Sugarcreek”


In “My Mother’s Future Husband”, Lea Thompson stars as the widow mom who receives secret matchmaking services from her daughter Headley (actress Matreya Fedor) and her daughter’s best guy friend. In the process of finding her mom someone, Headley dates a jock (“Rags” actor Burkely Duffield) she has nothing in common with….until she discovers her true love may be right under her nose.

The story was cute and bubblegum sweet, but the ladies attire was more Lorelai Gilmore than family friendly appropriate. Unless, they were all planning a trip to the beach (which they didn’t do in the movie), the wardrobe should have been slightly adjusted.

Love Find You In Sugarcreek

“Love Finds You In Sugarcreek” reminded me so much of the American classic “The Fugitive”. Actor Tom Everett Scott plays a character who takes on a fake name to hide his true celebrity status. He and his son are running from the media and police that are trying to accuse him of murdering his own wife. When Sugarcreek policewoman (played by Sarah Lancaster) comes into his life, he falls in love again and the truth behind his wife’s murder finally comes to light.

LFYISC was more of a heartbreaking tale than uplifting (like the network’s name it premiered on). Nonetheless, UP tv did a good job producing the shocking and heart wrenching film.

*A Special Thanks to UP tv PR for the screeners*

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