Movie Reviews: “Angels In The Snow” & My One Christmas Wish

AngelsInTheSnow_Final%20Keyart (3)

I am extremely disappointed with UP’s first Christmas movie of the season titled“Angels In The Snow”. It was eerie and completely racist.

In the film, two families are seemingly stranded in a cabin due to a dangerous blizzard. The Montgomery family (Caucasian) kindly allowed the Tucker family (African American) into their home after they claimed they had car trouble on the road. During the storm, the two families form an incredible bond, and it appears they will be the best friends for life. The Turners even help save the Montgomery’s strained marriage.

There is one big problem. The Tuckers have been dead the whole time! They died in a auto accident in the blizzard…so apparently their spirits were the only things the Montgomery’s spent time with. I find it offensive to kill off an entire African American family for no apparent reason! If the movie was based on a couple of actual angels, that would have been fine. Dead people are NOT angels, and it was wrong to integrate a movie and have a deadly ending like that. This movie was very poorly done.

myonechristmaswish_amberriley (3)

Jackie Turner’s story was interesting in “My One Christmas Wish”.

Actress Amber Riley portrayed Turner very well. I was surprised that a woman from such a dark past was able to completely turn her life around and help others in the process.

In the movie, Jackie’s own troubled childhood was initially hidden by her multitasking a few jobs, busy college schedule, church and eventually a youth support group. It’s the support group, however, that helped her come out of her own shell. She finally admits that she longs for a loving family like everyone else. Jackie places her online ad for a family for Christmas and got so much more in return.

BTSCelebs highly recommends you watch the premiere of “My One Christmas Wish” tomorrow at 7PM EST.

*A Special Thanks to UP tv’s PR for the screeners of the movies and the photos*

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