Dance Review: The Joffrey Ballet’s “Winning Works 2016”

Capter1Chapter6_JeffreyCirioBTSCelebs was given the golden opportunity to review yet another stunning “Winning Works.

Today’s performances were Alexei Kremnev’s “Coco + Igor”,  Jeffery Cirio’s “Chapter 1, chapter 6”, Mariana Olivera’s “Death and the Maiden”, and Christian Denice’s “Urgence” all held their own charm. I love the chemistry the couples had in the the first two performances. The use of appealing symmetry in “Coco + Igor” was very pleasing to the eye, while “Chapter 1, chapter 6” had such a catchy beat it literally made me feel like I was at a concert. Chiro took the entire audience on an emotional journey from absolute joy to unexpected melancholy. His piece ended way too early. I would like to experience more of Jeffery Chiro’s work in the future.


© Todd Rosenberg Photography 2016

© Todd Rosenberg Photography 2016

The one drawback was the dark and sadness surrounding Olivera’s piece. Watching “Death and the Maiden” was disturbing and kind of brought down the mood of the entire “Winning Works 2016”. I know every story can’t have a happy ending, but the entire piece is soley focused on death.

© Todd Rosenberg Photography 2016

© Todd Rosenberg Photography 2016

Nonetheless, all of the dancers did a fantastic job. Congrats to them all on a job well done!

Winning Works 2016 concludes its two-day engagement tomorrow at 3PM at the Edlis Neeson Theater in the Museum of Contemporary Art.

*A special thanks to The Silverman Group and The Joffrey Ballet for giving BTSCelebs the opportunity to review Winning Works.*

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