Movie Review: “The Game of Love”


UP tv’s newest film “The Game Of Love” stars Heather Locklear and Lochlyn Munro as bickering exes Jake and Frankie Cornell. In the movie, the pair fights over a basketball team that has clearly run its course, but Jake is reluctant to get rid of a family heirloom. As the film continues, they both realize that family is the only thing that truly matters, and teamwork can bring any business back from the dead.  Their on-screen children, Barton (Tom Stevens) and Alexandria (Emily Tennant), had very small roles considering their status in the production.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed in “The Game of Love” for a few reasons. Everyone’s acting was incredible (no disrespect to them), but the story was weak. It didn’t hold my interest. The innuendos were very distasteful and annoying at times. The ladies’ wardrobe could have been more appropriate for family-friendly programming. (ex: Heather’s outfit above and she and on-screen daughter’s skirts riding up in latter scenes when they were seated.)

I have very high expectations for UP tv programming. I enjoyed many productions from them in the past, but this one just didn’t measure up.

*A Special Thanks to UP for the screener of the movie and photo*

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