Theater Review: “C.S. Lewis: The Most Reluctant Convert”

CS Lewis_MaxMcLean

Discover the true meaning of JOY!

Award-winning actor Max Mclean did a fantastic job portraying the iconic British novelist in his latest one-man show “C.S. Lewis: The Most Reluctant Convert”. Mclean’s accent was on point, and the entire 70 minute story flowed beautifully. The beloved writer’s long journey to learn that only God can truly bring joy into someone’s life was wonderful to witness live.  C. S. Lewis didn’t magically become a Christian overnight. An enlightening book, intelligent Christians he met in college, and various other life events eventually led him directly into God’s loving arms.

“C.S. Lewis: The Most Reluctant Convert” is worth seeing at least twice in order to fully comprehend the important message being conveyed by Mr. McLean on-stage.

You can catch the show at the Mercury Theater in Chicago until August 14th.

*BTSCelebs  sends a special Thanks to Allied Integrated Marketing for the invite to the play and image*

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