Kyle Long Shares Empowering Message After Upsetting Loss to Houston Texans


Go Bears!

The Bears put up a great fight today, but they weren’t quite able to surpass the Houston Texans on the scoreboard. 14 to 23 was the final score.

Nonetheless, Bears’ player Kyle Long refused to let his team’s first loss of the season get him down. The NFL guard decided to share a empowering message to his fans and teammates via Twitter to let them know he is ready to take on any challenge this season.

“I’m a man. I stand for a few things. I share those same sentiments with my teammates. We lost a tough one. We never lay down our swords. I know the men I share the locker room with. I’m excited 2watch how we react to today’s game. I know how I will respond. I know how WE will. 

Big shoutout to all the Navy and Orange in the stadium today.”

All rights to the image and quote belongs to the Chicago Bears and Kyle Long.

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