Book Review: Chris Tomlin’s “Good Good Father”


CCM artist Chris Tomlin is set to release a classic in the making on October 4th. His adorable children’s book “Good Good Father” perfectly illustrates the kind of unconditional love God has for Christians.

In the 32 page book, a little bear named Tucker is determined to help his animal friends who have a variety of issues ranging from sickness, hunger, fighting and more.  In order to find a way to help all his friends be happy and whole, he decided to visit the generous King in the land and ask for his help. Along the way, many animals suggest he bring certain types of gifts to the King that coincides with His Majesty’s many talents. When he finally brings all the gifts to the King, Tucker realizes he was more precious to his Royal Highness than any gift he could ever bring.

This book instantly brought back all those warm childhood memories that definitely included reading cheerful books such as this one. The “Good Good Father” is sure to bring a smile to you and your children’s faces and will have you wanting to read it over and over again. I highly recommend all ages check out this gem next month.

*BTSCelebs thanks The M Collective for the complimentary digital copy of the book.*

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