Movie Review: UP tv’s “Merry Christmas, Baby”


“Merry Christmas, Baby” is poised to be a classic.

Actors Malinda Williams, Karon Riley, GregAlan Williams, Chrystale Wilson, DeEtta West, Brad James and Victoria Rowell star in one of the most heartwarming Christmas films of the season. In “Merry Christmas, Baby”, Marci is obsessed with making her baby girl Chandler’s first Christmas as posh as possible. She is convinced her child’s first Christmas/birthday must be celebrated in grand locations  showering her with expensive gifts.


When her relatives open their hearts to adopting a precious young girl, her hubby Blair (Karon Riley) and mom (Victoria Rowell) form a new bond over loss, Marci’s eyes begin to open to what is truly worthwhile. It doesn’t matter how much you give during the holidays….it’s how much love you show others that makes the difference. For this lovely family, it’s love for their family and immediate neighbors.

I applaud the cast and crew of “Merry Christmas, Baby” for making a film with such an important message. I actually enjoyed this film much more than the previous ones. The only complaint I have is that the wardrobe was a little risque at times, but the overall movie was wonderful.

Don’t miss “Merry Christmas, Baby” this Sunday at 7PM EST on UP tv.

*A Special Thanks to UP tv’s for a screener of the movie and photos*

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