Movie Review: UP tv’s “Married by Christmas”


It’s “Gilmore Girls” meets “My Best Friend’s Wedding”!

“Married by Christmas” literally mirrored two of my favorite TV shows/movies growing up by incorporating a businesswoman, a controlling deceased relative, a gay guy and loads of girl talk between Carrie and her Sookie St. James-like co-worker.

In the film, Carrie Tate (Jes MaCallan) pretty much goes on a wild goose chase to find a man to marry before her sister (April Bowlby) ties the knot on Christmas. Her grandmother’s will promises her business ownership to the husband of whoever gets hitched first. After 7 dedicated years of working at the family business, Carrie thinks she deserves it, and she is determined to have the company belong to her. Unfortunately, her plans are thwarted when she accidentally asks a gay family friend (Ryan Caltagirone) to marry her, and falls in love with another guy (Coby Ryan McLaughlin).

The concept of this show was lighthearted and fun, but it dragged on a little bit. I would have liked more original twists and turns in the plot and a stellar soundtrack.

Nonetheless, if you want a simple holiday film to watch….without too much drama, this one is for you.

“Married by Christmas” aired last weekend on UP tv.


*A Special Thanks to UP tv for photos and a screener of the film.*

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