Movie Review: “A Puppy for Christmas”


“A Puppy For Christmas” has great acting, a nice soundtrack and Hallmark like quotes sprinkled throughout. Stars Cindy Busby, Greyston Holt and Christopher Russell brought the story about a dog lover to life.

After writer Noelle’s life falls apart thanks to her new untrained puppy, she is forced to spend Christmas with a co-worker and his eccentric family. The clan quickly grows to love Noelle and her canine friend, and she discovers an important lesson in true love.

Like I stated in the first paragraph, this movie has some great qualities, and I enjoyed watching it for the most part. The only thing I would change would be Noelle’s morals. Why is she so quick to move in with the men she’s dating? Christmas films are usually pro-family and marriage, but the ending left me feeling a little disappointed.

apuppyforchristmas2*A Special Thanks to UP tv for the images and movie screener.*

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