Review: Chicago Auto Show 2017


This year’s Chicago Auto Show was slightly scaled down. I assume the extra test tracks are the main reason for the downsizing. When BTSCelebs attended opening day, thousands flocked to McCormick Place just to get a glimpse of automobile future. The majority of the vehicles looked the same as they did the past few years. (With some stunning exceptions, of course). The only brand that stood out to me the most was Mercedes Benz. They occupied two sections of the show with their standard white cargo vans on one side, and “The Jetsons” inspired cars near the test tracks area. I highly recommend sitting in any of their brand new models to be transported to another world. It literally feels like you are sitting in an upscale spaceship! That’s something I have been anticipating to see in cars for years!




Chevrolet didn’t disappoint with every make and model to choose from. You recognize many fan favorites like the Malibu, but they continue to make them more appealing to the eye while making it an even more comfortable ride. They proudly showcased durable trucks and sport cars for their dedicated fan base. The Lego treasure was a special treat!
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Luxury dealers like Porsche and Alfa Romeo caught my eye, but the fact that they don’t let you sit in the cars or touch the interior is quite the turn off. I understand that the materials used to create the vehicles are expensive, but potential buyers come from far and wide to see this show so it would be nice to accommodate them by opening up a couple of models.

BTSCelebs recommends you pick your favorite brands and solely focus on these exhibits at this years’ show. There is so much to see, but many designs mirror ones from the past few years. The special extras and revisions in your favorite models are the main things that will hold your interest. As for the test tracks, Ram Mercedes-Benz’ “Iron Schöckl” and Camp Jeep are for the thrill seekers. Steep hills and treacherous turns await you. Toyota’s RAV4 & Highlander Experience appeared to be the most tamed out of all the test tracks.

The Chicago Auto Show runs thru February 20th at the McCormick Place.









































 *A Special Thanks to the Chicago Auto Show for the press pass.*

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