Book Review: Becky Wade’s “True to You”

The first book in author Becky Wade‘s A Bradford Sister’s Romance series is raw with emotion.

“True To You” is truly a gripping love story between Nora Bradford and former Navy SEAL John Lawson. The tragic past of their parents intertwined in the most horrific way possible. However, Nora and John somehow redeemed their parents lives by the exemplary lives they lead years after their deaths. John’s heartbreaking health issue, that triggers his search for his birth mom, takes his life in the direction he never dreamed it would. Of course, Nora is the one orchestrating the search and sticking by him through thick and thin.

During the novel, we also get formally introduced to Nora’s sisters, Willow and Britt, and their love lives. It definitely makes it easier for readers to enjoy their books when they are released.

I had mixed feelings when reading this one. For a Christian novel, I felt Nora’s co-worker Nikki was a bit too forward with her language. Unrelated to Nikki…..the phrase “annoyed the tar out of” being used just didn’t sit well with me for personal reasons. Other than that, the love story is pleasant, but it comes at a price when you discover the main couple’s parents dark past. The ending of the book is the highlight because the couple decides to truly rely on God.

I do recommend the book to lovers of chick flicks and mystery books. It has mainstream appeal with a good dose of religion.

*BTSCelebs thanks Bethany House for the complimentary copy of the book.*

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