Book Review: Victoria Bylin’s “The Two of Us”

“… Trust means something different to me now. It’s not about avoiding the hard times. It’s about going through them with God’s grace and help of other people.” Mia Robinson

The quote above pretty much sums up Victoria Bylin’s latest novel “The Two of Us”. The story is about three couples (at different stages of life) loving each other unconditionally while going through hardships. Mia Robinson and Jake Tanner are a couple in their thirties juggling their passion for their careers and their budding relationship, Frank and Claire are an older married couple facing Alzheimers head on and Sam and Lucy are a young pair who wed after an unexpected pregnancy. Author Bylin doesn’t sugarcoat real life one bit as she guides us through their individual journeys.

Keep your tissues handy as you read 342 pages exposing reality and people in their most vulnerable moments. The moral of the story seems to be trusting God throughout all of life’s circumstances no matter the outcome. There is a happy ending to look forward to, but it does come at a price.

I recommend this book to non-fiction lovers looking for a good read.

*BTSCelebs thanks Bethany House for the complimentary copy of the book.*

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