Book Review: Carla Laureano’s “The Saturday Night Supper Club”

Carla Laureano’s upcoming foodie book, “The Saturday Night Supper Club”, grows on you. The novel’s charm is as subtle as the occasional supper clubs chef Rachel Bishop holds after her restaurant partners coldly buy her out.

In the book, Rachel instantly becomes the target of cyber-bulling after writer Alex mentions her in an article (aka rant) about social media. Her comment to his article, which was taken completely out of context, backfires and sends the cyber-bullies after her. In an effort to clear the restaurant of drama, Rachel’s partners part ways with her, and she is forced to re-evaluate her entire life. Of course, her freelance writer in shining armor saves the day by offering to help her set up a supper club. The club turns out to be a success, and she gets offered the deal of a lifetime. However, her future career decision is the most shocking thing no one saw coming.

Cons: Rachel and Alex’s house settings. I assumed she lived in a standard condo but was confused by the description of a front porch. Alex living on a floor full of 4 penthouses was confusing as well.

The inspirational story of a Denver-based chef who finds her new path in life thanks to handsome freelance writer Alex Kanin reads more like a classic WB evening show. It’s slow moving in the beginning, but worth it for those who adore long-term television shows. Upscale food descriptions and the love story are executed effortlessly.

“The Saturday Night Supper Club” releases in February 2018.

*A Special Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for an advance reader copy of the book*

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