Movie Reviews: “12 Days of Giving” and “Christmas Princess”

These two films are gems you can’t miss this Christmas season.

Yesterday, UP tv premiered the touching family movie “12 Days of Giving”. Actor David Blue portrayed Baxter, who is a photographer that wins $50,000 and decides to share his winnings to bless those in his community. During his spending spree, he stumbles upon a widow named Pamela (actress Ashley Jones) and her young son. One surprise gift and a life-saving event transforms Baxter’s life and helps him go after his own dreams.

“12 Days of Giving” deserves 10 stars out of 10! It has “Paper Angels” charm while maintaining it’s own unique storyline. After one viewing, you’ll happily add this to your yearly must-watch Christmas collection.

“Christmas Princess” is another yearly must-watch. Based on the life story of brave young lady Donaly Marquez, the encouraging film gives you a glimpse into her dark past and places a spotlight on her bright future. Actress Nicole Muñoz portrays Donaly as she embarks on the competition to become one of the prestigious Rose Bowl princesses. However, the scars from her childhood (with her neglectful birth mom) threatens to ruin her present and future. Throughout the movie, Donaly has to learn to trust in God and rely on her family and friends to truly embrace a happy life.

“Christmas Princess” has just the right mixture of UP tv goodness and classic Lifetime suspense to keep you guessing until the very end. If you enjoy movies from both cable networks, this will become your new favorite. I loved the way her adoptive parents showered her with so much love and attention. They treated her and her siblings like they were their actual biological children. It seems their strong Christian faith was the glue that kept the family together. Actors Rosa Blasi and Zak Santiago portray her loving mom and dad, Sara and Ignacio Marquez.

You can catch the premiere of “Christmas Princess” this Sunday, December 10 at 7PM [EST] on UP tv.

*A Special Thanks to UP tv’s PR for the movie screener and images.*

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