Movie Review: “A Winter Wedding”

“A Winter Wedding” is the go-to movie for couples in love.

In UP tv‘s Christmas Day film, stars Andrea Bowen (Hallie) and Nick Bateman (Lucas) portray a newly engaged couple who are planning the wedding of a century in Mexico. Things quickly go awry when their booked event gets a surprise cancellation. The bride-to-be is faced with the difficult decision of marrying the man of her dreams ASAP at his family’s home or waiting a year to fulfill her childhood dream wedding. On the road to their nuptials, everyone begins the bonding process by being honest and learning to understand each other.

“A Winter Wedding” holds much more meaning for people in relationships rather than those who are single. The ones in committed relationships can identify with the emotions the main couple and parents are experiencing. One of the best lines from the film is “You are my dream wedding…” If you are looking for the right film to get you in the New Years/Winter mood, this one is for you. Susan Walters also stars in this holiday special.

*A Special Thanks to UP tv’s PR for the movie screener and images.*

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  1. chris says:

    I would love to see it online

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