Theatre Review: A&A Ballet’s “Cinderella” 2018

Year 2 of Cinderella was sheer bliss!

BTSCelebs was invited to attend the lovely fairytale performance at the Studebaker Theatre today. Dancers Trinity Santoro, Lee Borowski and Ryland Acree shined as Cinderella, Prince Charming and The Jester respectively. The entire cast made the family friendly ballet even more enjoyable by their seemingly efffortless dancing throughout the entire show.

The adorable children performing as the grasshoppers, butterflies, gnomes and bees introduced the audience to the next generation of stars. Their dance was absolute perfection for ones so young!

While the seasonal fairies and international princesses (Spanish and Asian Princesses),  were dazzling, Cinderella and the Prince’s dance was the highly anticipated event of the afternoon. The two stars illustrated what fairytales are made of. They seemed like they walked straight out of a storybook with their dreamlike movements and sweet on-stage chemistry.

A&A Ballet is getting better every year. Chicago is anxious to see “The Nutcracker” (November  30th -December 2nd) and “Sleeping Beauty” (May 4, 2019) at the Studebaker Theatre.

* BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to A&A Ballet for the press passes and the photo.*

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